Clash of Island


Clash of Island, a Web 3.0 Gaming ecosystem and Metaverse Open World experience, offers a portal for players and creators to gain complete control over their gaming experiences and have a seamless experience in creating something beyond their imagination.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) will play an essential role. Players will be able to construct their own NFTs using $COI.Each asset developed will have its own place in the Clash of Island, with a wide selection of ready-made in-game assets available to kickstart your virtual gaming kingdom. In addition, players will be able to create and sell their self-made assets in the CLash of Island NFT Marketplace for the world to bid, giving players a chance to monetise their work within the game.

Land NFTs, a piece of real estate in the virtual realm, will be accessible to gamers which can be used to create new gaming experiences. Users will be able to create their personalised gaming experience within their land and are free to welcome other players to join in the fun, and grow the Clash of Island community. Activities such as hosting, playing games made by other game creators, enjoying experiences created by other players, staking and organizing districts are all available.

We envision that through Clash of Island, the gaming community will be able to evolve into a new style of gameplay, one in which no player will be left behind and where endless possibilities and futures of the Metaverse are explored. This includes events generated by play-to-earn to community oriented hangouts.

Last modified 9mo ago